Exsil Plus

Exsil Plus Column; Type B versions of current Exsil products which provide superior results for
difficult bases and chelates. The ODS phase provides an alternative selectivity
to current Type B phases due to increased silanol activity.

Exsil Plus Specifications
Pore Volume; 0.52 cc/g and 0.78cc/g
Phase; C8, C8 EPS,C18, C18 EPS, Phenly, CN, NH2, Si, SAX and SCX
Encapping; yes
Surface Area; 210 m2/g
Pore Size; 100 Å
Carbon Load ; Pls Check Exsil Plus PDF for all phases

Type B versions of Exsil 100 and 300.
Deactivated for Bases and Chelates.
Available in 3, 5 and 10 μm particle sizes.
Silica and ODS other bondings on request

More informations: www.exmere.eu

Aplications end demo pls contac us

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