Exsil 80

Type A Silica and Bonded Phases. Alternative to Spherisorb, Available in 1.5, 3, 5 and 10 μm particle sizes. The Exsil 80 range has a higher surface area and greater retention than the original Exsil 100 which in some instances provides a better alternative to Spherisorb.
New is the addition of a 1.5μm ODS phase to allow faster separations of current applications. When used with appropriate hardware, efficiencies of over 200,000 plates/m are achievable in 3 to 5 cm columns. The range of phases continues to provide a comprehensive selection for all standard applications.

Exsil 80 Specifications
Density; 0.51 cc/g,
Phase; C1, C8 and C18 (others on request)
Encapping; yes
Typical Efficiency; >90,000 plates/m (for 5µm)
Surface Area; 226 m2/g 150 m2/ml
Pore Size; 80Å
Carbon Load ; %12 (For ODS), %6 (For C8)

More informations: www.exmere.eu

Aplications end demo pls contac us

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